A visit to Abbey Road for the cutting of some vinyl!

A little clip of our forthcoming remix of 4000 New Colours. 4000 Shades of Dub features the legendary Sly & Robbie. We have cut one solitary vinyl copy that we are going to give away shortly. As soon as we can find a good reason to!

The track was mastered and cut by Christian Wright one of Abbey Road’s  leading Mastering engineers. Despite the joy of having our first ever Bombay Dub vinyl Andrew doesn’t look that joyous!

Tell us why you think you should have this rarity in your hands!



2 Responses to A visit to Abbey Road for the cutting of some vinyl!

  1. Jason Carter says:

    I want that Vinyl!!! I love your music. I listen to it EVERYDAY, I mean everyday and all day. While I’m working and all weekend while I am home. Even on vacation I bring Bombay Dub with me to listen to. Getting ready to visit Mumbai and can’t wait to hit some music venues. But nothing I have heard as of yet compares to the quality of music Bombay puts out. I would frame that Vinyl on my wall in my office….of course after I listen to it ONCE. Thanks again for the strong quality.

  2. Denise Kline says:

    Love your website. It has been two years since I viewed your website.

    The details are earthy.

    I believe I should have the Bombay dub Vinyl because my grandmother will not listen to music unless it is on a vinly. Grandma is 95 years old. She sees me dance to your music daily. I wear a wireless headset. She refuses she says that growing up she listened to a phongraph. Then in 1948 Vinly records came out. She states the sound can not be matched. There is something to be said about that. Vinly is as good as it gets, next to being there LIVE.
    That would be a dream seeing Bombay dub Orchestra perform. I understand it is a project to bring everyone together to play. I want you to know I would go to Alaska 20 below to see you perform. I would go to the desert. heheh. Your music allows me to dance with my soul. thank you

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