Bombay Dub Orchestra New York Remixes Drops 25th September

The New York Remix Project didn’t begin in New York or London or even Bombay. It actually began in Kingston, Jamaica, where we met New York based musician, artist and producer Tony Grund during a BMI event. (Side note – We also recorded Sly and Robbie for the forthcoming 3rd BDO album!) Tony suggested a remix project solely by New York producers taking tracks from the first two Bombay Dub Orchestra albums to give them a ‘New York State of Mind’.

Tony has overseen the project as well as contributed on several remixes. We suggested a few names to him and he found the rest of the remixers, and cover art designer, New York artist Ian Bradley.

We held a competition for one non-New York producer and ended up with a track by Sound Shikari, an excellent young producer from Oman.

New York is close to our hearts. Garry has worked in most of the great studios there over the years and we have both stayed, worked and performed in the vibrant city on many occasions.

The great thing about remix projects is that our music is taken to a different place – one where we would never ordinarily go on our albums. It’s always exciting to see the diversity that the remixes bring.

The New York Remixes album shows some of that diversity, and the rich culture that the city has to share.

We hope you enjoy listening to and experiencing this as much as we have.

- Andrew and Garry

The album comes out digitally on Six Degrees Records on the 25th September 2012 and will be available from all online music stores. In the meantime here’s a free download in anticipation of  The New York Remixes.


Bombay Dub OrchestraThe New York Remixes

 1. Compassion - Pivotal Movement Remix
 2. Junoon - EarthRise SoundSystem's "Warrior 3" remix
[feat MC's: Srikala, Truth Now and Jackson Whalan]
 3. Compassion - Capcom Remix
 4. Monsoon Malabar - Force of Change Remix
 5. Spiral - Sharma Remix
 6. The Berber of Seville - Sound Shikari Remix
 7. Compassion - Hot Hips Remix
 8. Spiral - Ciphony ][ Mix
 9. Strange Constellation - Harvey Jones Remix

3 Responses to Bombay Dub Orchestra New York Remixes Drops 25th September

  1. Summer says:

    I really enjoy your pieces, they are very different and I am glad that I have stumbled upon your page to expeince something out of the norm for me.

    1. MsLolly911 says:

      I have only known about your music since 2012. I can listen to it endlessly. It suits me. Thank you for such beautiful, insightful, and inspirational music.

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