Get involved and remix Bombay Dub Orchestra and win a place on our NYC Remix Album

As we mentioned a week or so back we are compiling a new remix release featuring remixes of both BDO albums by New York City based remixers, dj’s and producers. The release is curated by New York based songwriter, producer, dj and artist extraordinaire Tony Grund. The project will features a host of up-and-coming underground remixers, dj’s, artists and producers as well as a few key names on the New York club scene. Those included on the album will be announced shortly. Accompanying the remix will be animations, short films and video. We’ll be putting our favourites into various film festivals around the world and adding the rest to our YouTube Channel.

We are featuring one remix by someone from anywhere around the globe – And we are holding a competition to chose the winner – Guys ‘n’ Gals This could be you!

If you fancy a crack at remixing one of our tracks send us an email to with NYC Remix as the subject with the track title you’d like to remix and include an example of your remix work. If you get into the next round we’ll email you a link to the stems/parts. We’ll feature the best ten online with our favourite making it onto the album

We are very grateful for you support from musicians and music fans alike. Without you guys we’d have no audience to play to – no one to hear our efforts. So thanks again and do get in touch!

Andrew & Garry

Bombay Dub Orchestra London September 2011

3 Responses to Get involved and remix Bombay Dub Orchestra and win a place on our NYC Remix Album

  1. michael e says:

    I’d dearly love to get involved in this project and the track I’d like to remix is “Mumtaz”.

    I’ve remixed the Vargo track, “Warriors” and a World wide Groove Corporation track, “You Still Give Me Butteflies” both can be heard on iTunes. I’ve remixed several other lesser known artists tracks too. I remixed a Zero 7 track for a remix comp but wasn’t a winner.

  2. TinyType says:

    i really would like to join this remix offer! i just don´t understand if you prefer a track title from any past BDO release or a special new one..?


    1. BDO admin says:

      TT you need to choose your fave track to remix from either the first or second BDO album. Mail us at with an example of your work.

      And we’ll let you know!



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