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It’s been so long since we have updated our site. Most of our news and info, new tracks and happenings at the BDO HG usually appear on our facebook page or soundcloud or announcements via twitter. But we also realise how important it is for our site to contain all that info in one place. so …..we’ll make a concerted effort to keep you update here as well.

Recent news:

* Our new album ‘Tales From The Grand Bazaar’ is finished and we hope to have news shortly on a release date. It was recorded with a host of great musicians and at various studios around the world. We recorded several tracks with the legendary Sly & Robbie

Machine gun as a bass!

recorded at Anchor Studios in Kingston, Jamaica one of which will be on the new album. The track is called ’4,000 new Colours’. (Any guesses where the title comes from?)

Sly laying some serious beats


We also journeyed to Turkey and recorded with Istanbul Strings and a host of great soloists in Istanbul.

After our final string session in Istanbul with the aptly name Istanbul Strings

We also recorded santoor and tabla in LA, keyboard overdubs and additional programming with the wonderful Tony Grund in New York (who also recorded french Horn in  London),  sarod, vocals, solo cello, tablas, percussion, keyboards,

The incredibly talented Soumik Datta

Sohail Yousuf Khan - Delhi December 2012

guitars, Russian zither and a host of other strange instruments and vintage synths in the UK, sitar in Bombay, Vocals and sarangi in Delhi…the list goes on. Talking of lists we are currently putting together the incredibly time consuming sleeve notes with the vast number of musicians who contributed to this album – so important to make sure that every musician, engineer, studio and other key people involved with the album are credited – without them it would not have been possible.

Tabla and percussion maestro Sirishkumar recording at Rockfield Studios


Kamaljeet recording Santoor in LA.

Hamsika Iyer recording in London at Sunshine Desserts









Rockfield Studios in Wales, UK


Asad Khan after recording at Yash Raj in Bombay







Qanun maestro Aytac Dogan - Istanbul, Turkey











* In other news our ancient remix of Joe Williams’ Jingle Bells made its way into the opening scene of Iron Man 3.

* Bombay Dub’s Andrew has started a new venture representing the world famous London Studio Abbey Road for India – read more here.

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