Look out for the Bombay Dub Orchestra remix on forthcoming Natacha Atlas release

Thought we’d let you know that on 27th September a great new album from the legend that is Natacha Atlas is due for release on Six Degrees Records. We were fortunate enough to do a remix along side some great names.

After two highly acclaimed string driven, predominantly acoustic projects, Natacha Atlas returns to the Global Dance-floor with Mounqaliba-Rising: The Remixes. Globally celebrated singer Natacha Atlas’ latest release Mounqaliba was a decidedly acoustic affair, recorded with a 20-piece Turkish ensemble and a chamber orchestra & integrating western and Arabic styles. Mounqaliba (which means being in a state of reversal’ in classical Arabic) was a stunning set of original songs & evocative interludes, which also featured a beautiful version of Nick Drake’s classic “Riverman”.

From her days singing with Transglobal Underground to her seminal solo releases,Natacha is acknowledged as a pioneer in fusing Middle Eastern and Electronica styles. Mounqaliba-Rising: The Remixes finds the vanguard of the global fusion world paying homage to one of the most distinctive & beautiful voices in modern music.

Remixers like Beats Antique, Nickodemus & The Spy From Cairo, Cheb i Sabbah, Bombay Dub Orchestra, Syriana, David Starfire, EarthRise SoundSystem, Kaya Project and many more, take Natacha’s latest opus into new directions ranging from lush ambient journeys to dynamic rhythmic explorations.

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