Short Clip Of Bombay Dub Orchestra at The SupperClub Hollywood 12.04.12

A very reduced size outfit for this performance last night at the SupperClub In Hollywood. Joining Garry and Andrew on stage were musicians Jaswinder Ahluwalia (tabla) and his wife Kamaljeet Ahluwalia (santoor).

Thanks to all of those who came down as we celebrated 10 years of the Indian Film Festival Of Los Angeles and 5 years of Rukus Avenue at a special party featuring a bunch of great Dj’s and artists.

More info about our guests

Jas Ahluwalia was born in North America and from a very early age was deeply attracted to the unique sounds and rhythms of the tabla. He grew up in a family where music was an integral part of life. From the time that he has a conscious memory, Jas remembers playing the tabla. His parents encouraged him by leaving tablas in various parts of the house and at the age of two he could be heard mimicking complex tabla rhythms. An important part of his musical influences has been playing with Kirtan, the singing of Sikh sacred texts. Consequently to this day, playing the tabla remains a deeply spiritual experience for him. His fondest memory is of Ustad Tari Khan, who was like an uncle and provided him with the greatest inspiration. From the first moment when he heard Ustad Tari Khan play, the sound and intricacies captivated him. Since the age of nine, he has been a disciple of the world renowned Ustad Tari Khan. Remarkably, Jas has learnt the Tabla in the traditional Ustad/Shagird relationship which entails a deep bond between master and disciple. Entrenched in the classical mode of training, he is utterly conversant in a variety of genres including instrumental, vocal, ghazal, qawwali, classical and modern dance, Punjabi folk, jazz, asian underground and kirtan. He is frequently invited to participate in studio recordings, live performances, and film scoring sessions. Jas’ recent performances include collaborations with Grammy winner Osvaldo Golijov at Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Gingger Shankar, Bombay Dub Orchestra, grammy-nominated Jazz Pianist Rob Mullins, and guitarist Andy Summers of The Police. His latest studio collaborations include those with famed Punjabi producer Sangtar and Tron and Dexter Composer Joseph Trapanese. His film credits include Sundance Audience Award winner Circumstance, Sean Hacket’s Homecoming, and Igor Voloshin’s Beodouin. He is currently working on a classical orchestral album with Gingger Shankar, a Sikh Hymn album, recording for Richard Montoya’s film Water & Power, and touring with Gingger Shankar and Kamaljeet Ahluwalia.

Kamaljeet Ahluwalia is part of the new wave of Asian musicians emerging from the UK. A disciple of the legendary maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, she uses her Indian classical roots to walk an innovative path on the Santoor, a rare and exquisite hammered dulcimer/zither that can simultaneously explore vast sublime melodies and intricate detailed rhythmic patterns. She has collaborated with a diverse array of artists including Guy Sigsworth, Mercury Music Award winner Talvin Singh, Fruit Tree, Universal Taal and acclaimed dancer and choreographer Akram Khan to name a few. She has performed throughout the UK and internationally as part of the multi-art production Journey into India, as well as many solo performances across India, Europe, and North America. This imaginative musician is currently collaborating with guitarist Giuliano Modarelli on their fresh project, One Hundred and Six Strings which breathes new life into a proud and ancient Indian classical jugalbadhi (duet) tradition by fusing the strengths of their versatile instruments. She is also recording with producer and musician Wayne Nunes from Warrior Charge and touring with Gingger Shankar.

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